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Wiring and Outlet Installation

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Electrical Wiring for Renovations

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a great opportunity to make some much-needed improvements to your electrical system. Whether you need to add outlets, lights, or make other electrical changes, we’re here to help.

Electrical Outlet Installation

With everything you need to plug in these days, your likely to find you don’t have enough electrical outlets or they are not in the right place. We can add electrical outlets to your garage, master closet, living room or pretty much anyplace you need one.

Here is an example of outlet installation in this time-lapse video.

Dedicated Circuits for Window AC Units, Treadmills and More

Some electrical appliances work best with their own dedicated circuit. Larger window AC units, treadmills and other items often call for dedicated circuits in their installation instructions. Dedicated circuits prevent overloads and repeated breaker tripping.

Whole House Surge Protection

Lightning can cause serious power surges, but regular micro surges can also cause serious problems with the electrical equipment in your home. Why protect each outlet individually, when you can protect your entire home’s electrical panel with a whole home surge protector? We install these units in your home’s electrical panel to stop surges before they move through your entire electrical system.

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Additional Electrical Work

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