Indoor Lighting Installation

Kitchen Lighting Installation

Your house may not have all the indoor lighting you’d like. That’s OK, because we can take care of that for you. Whether you want to put in recessed lighting, add a fixture in a dark area or just want to replace the light fixtures in a room, we’re here to help. Whether you want to install traditional fixtures that can take any type of bulb or LED lighting, we’ll brighten your day. Here are the most popular types of lighting that we install in homes through the Charlotte area.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Update the lighting in any room or add some in a dark corner without taking up any room on your ceiling or with a lamp. Recessed lighting (sometimes called can lights) is a great addition to any room, especially kitchens and living rooms. Traditional recessed lighting includes a socket with a light bulb that can be replaced with any type of indoor flood bulb, including LED. You can also install LED in-ceiling lighting that is lower profile and fits in places where traditional recessed fixtures didn’t due to space constraints or insulation concerns above the ceiling. 

Installing can lights in your hallway, living room or media room can really change the way your home looks and functions. Recessed lights are also a common way to add lighting to a dark shower area in the bathroom. We install all type of recessed lighting fixtures and are skilled at finding the right solution when there are obstacles that make completing the job more difficult.

Take a look at how we install recessed lighting in this time lapse video.

New Light Fixtures Installed

Want to add a ceiling light to a room without one? Maybe you need a light in a dark closet. We’re happy to take a look at your lighting problem, provide expert advice and install your new light fixture.

Cabinet Lighting Installation

Under Cabinet Lighting

Work spaces in the kitchen don’t always get the lighting they really require. If you need more lighting on your kitchen counters, we can add some under cabinet lighting in a way that doesn’t leave wires running all over your kitchen. Or we can add above cabinet lighting as accent lighting.

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Other Interior Lighting Installation

We install just about any type of interior lighting you can imagine, including adding specific task lighting, accent lighting or light kits to ceiling fans. Just let us know what you need.

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