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Electrical Repair

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Sometimes it’s pretty clear that your home needs electrical repair. When your lights and outlets don’t work or you can’t reset your breaker switch, there is no doubt something has gone wrong with your electrical system. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem, restoring safety and comfort to your home.

Common Electrical Problems

If you have any of the above electrical problems, repair work is likely needed.

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How Electrical Repair Service Works

Electrical repair starts with a call or email to Johnathon Brown Electric. We’ll schedule a time to troubleshoot your problem. All good troubleshooting starts with you sharing detailed information about the problem you are having. Sometimes the solution is fairly obvious, but more difficult problems require further diagnosis. At Johnathon Brown Electric, we utilize many advanced tools to diagnose your electrical problem. We have sensors that can tell us if there is a problem with the insulation surrounding your electrical wires, even though the problem is hidden in your wall. This advanced technology helps us more quickly diagnose and repair your problem.

For Your Electrical Problems

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