Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole House Surge Protector Installation to protect against electrical surges in Fort Mill, SC

You’ve probably protected your computer, television sets and other electronics with plug in power strips for years. Now it is time to take the next step and protect all the electronics in your home with a whole house surge protector. After all, nearly everything you plug in today is electronic and you are probably overlooking surge suppression for some very valuable devices.

Do You Have Surge Protection:

  • When you charge your smart phone?
  • When you charge your tablet?
  • For your appliances that contain electronic boards like washing machines, dryers and even refrigerators?
  • For your LED light bulbs? (They have chips in them than can get fried)
  • For your expensive wi-fi connected thermostats?

We have so many devices in our homes that are mini-computers and need to be protected from power surges of all types.

What A Whole House Surge Protector Does

A whole home surge protector installs at your breaker panel and controls the electricity that enters your home, as well as providing protection from internal surges. Using a whole house surge suppressor provides protection against spikes in voltage caused by a lightning strike down the street, power cycling on and off due to supply problems, and internal surges caused by air conditioners and other large appliances turning on and off.

Additional Surge Protection Options

For sensitive electronics, we suggest a layered approach to surge protection. Having a whole home surge protector installed is the first layer. Protecting individual outlets is the second layer. Don’t want bulking surge protection strips all over the home? We can help with special outlets that include surge protection. These are great for the outlet you use to charge your phone or tablet or where hiding a surge protector would be difficult.

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